On my 82nd birthday, received a beautiful message.  Copying the message but with no names :-)

Happy Birthday Usha Ma’am!!

Today on your birthday I am not sure where to start this message, and i think partly the reason for that is we have built a very strong and beautiful bond in a matter of mere months. This strong bond of ours consists of the love, care and will to teach that you have towards me and my love, respect and immense gratitude towards you. 

You have been a mentor, a guide and like a mother to me, full of love, care and affection. I often look for inspiration in other women and ma’am whether it’s your sharp personality, your intelligent mind or your brave spirit, you have been like an endless jar of motivation and stimulus for me to work hard and achieve success. 

I will always be grateful for how we coincidentally met and clicked in an instant. It is a rare event for people to click so soon but I guess we were meant to share a special bond. 

I hope you know how important you have been for me, and I hope you never lose your million dollar smile :) I will always keep wishing for your good health. Happy Birthday Ma’am!! I hope you have a great day ❤️🙏



  1. Truly describes you. Your dedication, care, love, light, kindness, and bright spirit truly touches, enlightens, brightens and helps all those around you.

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